TOEFL私人定制VIP课程 TOEFL private customized VIP course

TOEFL私人定制VIP课程 TOEFL private customized VIP course
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私人定制 托福VIP课程 private customized VIP cours

过去的几年, 越来越多的家长和学员前来咨询
我们精心筹备, 整合强大的行业资源, 重磅首发
In the past few years,
we have received increasing inquiries
on one-stop solution to the tests
concerning oversea study in North America.
In order to provide more accurate
and essential teaching services
for the majority of students and parents,
and at the same time,
it can better connect the subsequent sat courses.
We carefully prepare, integrate powerful industry resources,
and make a groundbreaking debut
- Roy leys private customized TOEFL VIP course

VIP私人定制 private customized VIP course

VIP私人定制 private customized VIP course

极致服务 用心陪伴 Premium service and caring company

涵盖阅读, 听力, 口语, 写作4门考试科目
适合所有有托福学习需求, 备战托福考试的学员参加
TOEFL customized course, in accordance with the TOEFL Official Guide, covers reading, listening, speaking and writing and suits all (potential) test takers. Top-of-the-industry as they are, our teachers take the test on a regular basis to stay informed in the most convincing way.

24小时全天服务 24-hour company
1-18个月课后督导 1-18 months after class follow-up supervision
73项服务内容 73 services
5-6天考前冲刺次 Final cramming 5-6 days before test time
1-6个月课前督导 1-6 months pre-class supervision
全程个性化陪伴式教学 Individualized course with full real time counsel

强大的教学管理和服务细节 Strong teaching management and detailed serviceanddetaileercice

我们安排托福全体老师, 督导, 学习规划师
每年高频率亲临考试现场, 参加托福考试
无微不至, 全方位一体化的服务水准
服务内容多达73项, 远超行业标准
Every year, our teachers, supervisors and learning planners of TOEFL frequently visit the test sites or take the TOEFL test to get first hand information and detect any possible changes.
Carrying on the legacy of professionalism and punctiliousness and all-in-on concept, we provide up to 73 services, leaving far behind and known industry standard so that our students can experience an immersive learning setting and taylor-made VIP solution.

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